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Stick It Roller! Handheld Set

Stick It Roller! Handheld Set

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  • ✅Reusability: Eco-friendly, reusable alternative
  • ✅Versatility: Picks up everything, all surfaces
  • ✅Easy to Clean: Rinse, dry, ready-to-use

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What's included:

Stick It! Handheld reusable roller

1 Stick It! Travel-size reusable rollers

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Stick It! Handheld Set

Introducing our Stick It Pet Hair Removal Roller! It's a washable and reusable roller that easily removes pet hair from clothes and furniture. Just roll it over the surface! It's like a handheld roller, but with a stick!

Stick it rollers pick up things like:

🔼Kitty Litter
🔼Pet Hair

It’s not magic, but it sure feels that way

Excellent Material

Made from a perfect mix of rubber and silicone, the Reusable Sticky Roller stays sticky without leaving residue behind.


Wash it with hot water and soap, air dry, or roll over a dry towel for faster drying. It's ready to use again!

Easy to Use

Easily remove pet hair, cat litter, bird seed, and dirt with a simple raking motion along any surface.

Suitable for Any Surface

The Reusable Sticky Roller is perfect for use on clothes, furniture, in your car, and even on your pets!


Can be used repeatedly, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sticky rollers.

  • Stick It! Handheld Set

  • It’s not magic, but it feels that way!

  • To wash the rollers, simply rinse them off with hot water

And the best part, it’s reusable!

To wash the rollers, simply rinse them off with hot water and watch as the roller becomes new again! After it is rinsed off simply roll it on a lint-free towel to dry it right away!