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SplashStopper™ Dog Water Bowl Spill-Proof

SplashStopper™ Dog Water Bowl Spill-Proof

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    Introducing the SplashStopper™ Spill-Proof Bowl, the innovative dog water bowl that will revolutionize the way you hydrate your furry friend!

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    Say goodbye to messy & wet floors!

    The waterproof edge strip and floating disk design combine to prevent water from spilling out, keeping your floor dry and clean.

    The no spill dog water bowl design is perfect for vehicles and dog crates, it is a highly portable slow water feeder for dogs.

    Clean house now!

    Slower Drinking

    The automatically adjusting floating disk only allows access to a small amount of water in the middle at one time, effectively slowing down the pet's rate of drinking.

    When pressed, the disk sinks below the water level so larger pets quickly learn how to use the bowl, while smaller pets and cats simply drink from the center of the disk.

    It promotes healthy hydration habits for your furry friend. By providing a steady source of fresh water without spills or interruptions, your pet will stay hydrated and healthy, with less risk of dehydration or other health issues.

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    Comfortable to use

    When your pet's tongue touches the floating disk, the water will coming from the hole.

    For home & travel use

    Double Anti Spill design can effectively prevent water from overflowing in the bumpy road. Anti-slip base prevents your pets from sliding it around. Perfect for using in RV, SUV, and truck.

    No more wet floor

    No more wet mouth! The dog bowl feeds enough water and slows down your pet’s drinking and helps to avoid vomiting and gulping. It also helps prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from falling into the water.

    Easy to clean

    Take apart the floating disk to clean. Rinse with water or put it on the upper rack of the dishwasher.

    Large Capacity

    This anti-no spill water bowl for dogs has a practical 1 Litre/35oz capacity, which is enough for dogs/ cats to drink a whole day. Dimensions 225 x 185 x 78 mm.
    The splash free edge, floating disk, and filter element consisted in the dog water bowl with no spill are detachable, making it easy to disassemble and clean.

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    Quality & Durability

    Made from high-quality & durable materials. The bowl is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making it a convenient addition to any pet owner's home.

    At the four corners of the base, there are designed with anti-slip mats to make the pet drinking more stable. Suitable for all kinds of onboard use.

    The water bowl is created by non-toxic ABS with no chemical smell.

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