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Sparky™ Automatic Smart Pet Feeder 3.5L

Sparky™ Automatic Smart Pet Feeder 3.5L

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  • 🐕Automatic Feeding 4 Times A Day
  • 🐕Dual Power Design
  • 🐕Safety Twist Lock Cover & Anti-slip Bottom

Spark your day with this automatic smart pet feeder, and leave your home and be happy.

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Keep in touch with your pet

Automatic Cat Feeder, 3.5L Pet Food Dispenser

Easy to program! Up to 4 meals daily and with 1-20 portions on time customized balance diet and accurate meal portions for small and medium size pets.

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Secure Twist Lock Storage and Easy To Clean

The 3.5L auto feeder offers a great benefit for pet owners with small and medium pets, as it can hold up to 4 pounds of food.

Additionally, its secure twist-lock lid ensures that the food remains fresh and prevents pets from accessing the tank and overfeeding themselves.

This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are getting the right amount of food at the right time, without any risk of overeating or food spoilage.

Automatic Pet Feeder

What are the Benefits of Using an Automatic Pet Feeder?

You can feed your pet the recommended amount of food

You can feed your pet in time, according to the feeding schedule

Your pet always has fresh food to eat

Feed them even when you're not home

Small Size and Large Capacity

  • Small Size and Large Capacity

    Automatic Pet Feeder Size: 6.69in x 5.9in x 11.8in
    3.5L /14.8 US Cups Food Tank

  • Rotating Lock Cover

    Convenient and Fast
    No Longer Worry About Overthrowing
    Don't Try to Push Me Down

  • Dual Power Supply Optional

    Powered by 5V DC Adapter
    or 3 D-cell Batteries

Detachable & Easy to Clean

Convenient to take apart and easy to clean. The food container, feeding tray, and bowl can be disassembled and rinsed with water. (Note: The host can’t be washed.)

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