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Grabby™ Sensor Removable Lamp

Grabby™ Sensor Removable Lamp

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Smart Sensor Night Light with USB Charging featuring a Body Motion Sensor and it's also detachable in case of emergency


Through clever structural design, the infrared human body sensing mechanism of the light sensor is built into the round ball lamp, the sensing distance is 0-3m, the radiation angle is 120 degrees fan-shaped area, and someone will automatically light up for 20 seconds, which can be triggered continuously. After 20 seconds, the sensor area will be inactive, and the small night lamp will be automatically extinguished

Three working modes: constant light / off / and sensor-activated light


Light + infrared human body, dual sensing mechanism, detachable design for easier mobile use. Magnet positioning and absorption, the lamp body can be automatically returned

Package Includes:
1×LED Rechargeable Magnetic Induction Wall Light
1×USB charging cable



  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Three-Speed Switch: Automatic induction / Off / Always on
  • Input Voltage: USB 5V
  • Power: ≤0.25W
  • Charging Interface: Micro USB
  • Induction Lighting Time: 20s
  • Light Brightness: 40-50Im
  • Long Bright Time: 20h
  • Standby Time: 180 days
  • Light Sensitivity: < 3lm
  • Induction Lighting Times: 1500-1800 times
  • Sensing Range: 0-3m / <120°
  • Light Color: Warm light 3000K
  • Charging Indicator: Red/Blue
  • Size: 14.9×6.1×5.6cm/5.9×2.4×2.1inch
  • Weight: 200g/0.44lb



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