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Katy™ Cat Smart Laser Toy

Katy™ Cat Smart Laser Toy

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  • 🐾Hands-free playtime for cats
  • 🐾Convenient and eco-friendly charging
  • 🐾Comfortable and safe collar fit

Automatic Cat Toys with LED Light

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Free time for you

Hands Free Toy

The easiest way to combat inactivity and laziness is to take action with Katy™ Cat Smart Laser Toy. Cats love their playtime, but sometimes their zoomies can be way too much for you to handle.

This hands-free toy will give you some free time for yourself. Just put the collar around your kitty`s neck and let the fun begin.

Let`s try it

Brain stimulation for your cat

After 15 minutes under normal working conditions, the laser lamp will be automatically turned off and enter the power saving mode.

Until 1 hour and 30 minutes later, the laser will automatically turn on again.

The laser toy has 2 modes, and different capture experiences that will entertain the cat and yourself all day long. One key switch to continuous laser mode and the other is blinking laser mode.

Why should you choose Katy™ Cat Smart Laser Toy?

Free time for you

The light ray is built into the collar so that it is always pointed in the direction of the cat, even when it is jumping or running. It is the perfect place for anyone who works from home and requires some time to concentrate or unwind because cats are naturally drawn to chase them.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable batteries with a micro-USB charger are more practical and environmentally friendly than replacing alkaline batteries. With this rechargeable collar device, cats can play for almost 5 hours on a single charge of 1 hour.

Lightweight & Comfortable

It fits most cat sizes thanks to the 41-degree flexible laser pointer head and an adjustable collar length of 200-310mm (8-12 inches). It is lightweight enough for cats to wear even when chasing, weighing only 1 oz.

Large angle adjustment

Laser projection it`s the new magical temptation. Large angle adjustment 41° angle.

Adjustable collar

Due to the ergonomic adjustable clasp design, you don't have to fear about our collar hurting your cat's neck if it's very fat. This will ensure that the leash is secured without harming your precious child.


The interactive cat collar is made of selected PC, TPC material, soft, durable, and washable which is harmless for cats or other pets.

The lightweight collar is comfortable to wear on the neck of kittens.

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