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Rolo™ Interactive & Indestructible Dog Toy

Rolo™ Interactive & Indestructible Dog Toy

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  • ✅Remote Control Motion Activated Automatic Rolling Ball
  • ✅Durable and Safe Materials
  • ✅Two Modes & Colorful LED Lights

Lay down on the couch, and just have fun with your pet while you`re sitting. A dream, right? 

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Free time for you, fun for them

Interactive Dog Toy Ball

When your dog touches or bites it, it automatically moves, rotates, or bounces for 10 seconds. The colorful LED light then continues to flash for 4 seconds before going to standby.

Made of Natural Rubber

Works for 4 hours & Rechargeable

It can last 4 hours after 1.5 hours of charging. If you find that your dog ball toy is unresponsive or slow, this is a sign of low power. After recharging, the pet ball will return to a positive state.

Jumping Activation Ball

Why is this the perfect toy?

Smart Motion Activated Toy

Built-in motion sensor, when something touchs it, it will automatically move, rotate or bounce for 10 seconds,then the colorful LED light will continue to flash for 4 seconds to get your dog's attentionand, if not, it will go to standby.

BPA-free & Dog-Friendly Material

We treat our dogs like our babies, and that's why we designed the Rollo Ball with durability and safety in mind. Made from natural rubber and TPU, it is safe and non-toxic for your dog. We also added 3-6mm high strength silicone as cushioning space to reduce noise by 20% compared to previous generations.

Remote Control

Using the remote control handle, you can switch between different modes to suit your dog's play style. Additionally, you can restart the ball with the handle to regain your dog's attention, which can bring more joy to your furry friend.

Two Modes Available

This dog toy has two different modes: Irregular Running Mode and Crazy Bouncing Mode. In Irregular Running Mode, it automatically moves and rotates, while in Crazy Bouncing Mode, it bounces automatically. The toy also features built-in multi-colored flashlights inside the ball, which can attract your dog's attention. If you need a break but your pet is still energetic, this toy is the perfect choice.

IP54 Waterproof

Easy to clean. Meet the requirements for indoor and outdoor use

  • Suitable For Many Types of Floors

  • Made from 100% Natural Rubber

  • IP54 Waterproof

Automatic Rolling Ball Toy

Irregular Running Mode: it will automatically move and rotate. Crazy Bouncing Mode: It will bounce automatically.

Built-in multi-color flashlights inside the ball can grab the dog's attention. When you want to take a rest but your pet is still full of energy, this is the right choice for you.

For Medium/Large Dog