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Cooling Fan For Quest 2

Cooling Fan For Quest 2

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Cooling Fan Face Cover with PU Leather

  • Build-In DEFOGGING FAN with Build in 500mAh Battery
  • Reduce Face Pressure
  • Comfortable Leather Face Pad
  • Prevent Light Leakage
  • Increase Space for Glasses 


Compatible with Quest 2 Fan Cooler, Relieve Lens Fogging


 Mode 1: Oculus fan keeps blowing(suitable for playing intense games); Mode 2: Quest 2 fan blows for 5 seconds, stops for 5 seconds, and keeps working in cycles (suitable for movie or chat).

Easy to assemble

The Oculus Quest 2 fan has ergonomic nose pads to ensure the comfort of use and prevent light from entering. 

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