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Picky™ Intelligent Sensor Light

Picky™ Intelligent Sensor Light

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Emitting Color

The Smart LED Wireless Sensor Night is a perfect addition to your home


It is not just easy to use and eye-catching but also a perfect wall lamp where convenience meets decor.

This sleek and modern look night light is built to last


Create a warm, inviting, and comforting ambiance in your home through either of our beautifully handcrafted walnut or maple finishes.

  • Automatic Motion Sensors
  • Wireless Lighting
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Unique Home Decor
  • Quick & Hassle-Free Installation


With the magnetic base, you can attach it to your desk as a nice lamp and take it with you as well when walking around at night without worrying about exposed wires. Whether you decide to leave it on its base or hang it up, this light will automatically turn on once present in the room for up to 8 consecutive hours using double-mode technology.


Product name: Smart Sensor Light
Battery capacity: 500mAh lithium battery
Product material: solid wood, organic glass, electronics
Product standard: induction light, base, charging cable
Light color: 2700K ~ 3000K warm white light

Light power: 1W LED

Powerful Battery

Spend less time recharging your Smart LED Torch thanks to a powerful battery that lasts 4-6 months or up to 8h non-stop in the flashlight mode. 


You won't need any batteries because they can easily be recharged with the included USB cable.

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