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Needy™ Sofa Protector & Dog Bed

Needy™ Sofa Protector & Dog Bed

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  • 🐶Soft faux fur for a happy, comfortable pup
  • 🐶Ultimate comfort and joint support with our high bolsters
  • 🐶Removable and washable cover to keep it fresh


Your dog will feel cozy and at peace while relaxing on the sofa thanks to its soft and plush texture

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Sofa Protector & Soft Dog Bed

Made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric that will keep your couch protected from hair, drool, stains, scratches, and odors.

Your dog will feel cozy and at peace while relaxing on the sofa thanks to its soft and plush texture, and you'll appreciate how it keeps bad smells away from your furniture.

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Easy to Clean & Install

The cover is water-resistant and machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.

You can take out the cotton and wash the cover to keep it fresh. High-fiber fabric that feels soft on your pet's skin and protects against drool and stains.

Lasts a long time due to high quality and possibility of easy cleaning.

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Why should you need this?

Durable & Long-lasting

The Needy™ Sofa Protector & Dog Bed it`s here to last. If you take care carefully of it, it can be a wonderful investment for dog owners who want to protect their furniture.

Treat your dog anxiety

If your dog develops an anxiety when he`s alone, this cover it`s perfect for him. The soft, plush texture of the cover has a calming effect, making it the ideal spot for your puppy to unwind and feel safe.

Keep the furniture intact

Don`t forget! Certain odors can be difficult to remove from certain surfaces. Our calming sofa cover is the ideal option for canine owners who want to maintain the appearance and fragrance of their furniture.

Easy to clean & lasts forever

If it is given the right care, the Needy™ Sofa Protector & Dog Pet can even last for many years. Follow closely the advice we have given you and you & your buddy will enjoy it for a long time.

Isn`t it a dream?

No more dog hair everywhere!

  • For car

  • For bed

  • For couch

Quality, not quantity

It’s available in a range of colors & sizes to fit most couches.

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