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Magic Beat Electron Tesla Coil

Magic Beat Electron Tesla Coil

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✅Enlightenment Science of the Tesla Coil. Do you want to experience lightning massage?


SPARK INTEREST IN SCIENCE⚡ It’s a smart device for Wireless Transmission experiments. You’ll become fascinated by this tesla coil, it’s absolutely magic for kids even for adults.

It's Bluetooth.No grounding is needed. No audio wire connection. PLUG and PLAY!


The Miny Tesla Coil⚡ a famous invention of inventor Nikola Tesla. It can be used to create high-voltage lightning and do various scientific experiments, such as wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, insulator withstand voltage testing, and sewage treatment, Teachers use it to demonstrate to students the principle of boosting, high-frequency skin effect, and more.

Endless Fun with this Bluetooth-compatible little device with a SMALL BODY BUT SHOCKING ENERGY


Tesla coil with full firepower can ignite a tissue in an instant. The seemingly harmless little lightning, the Tesla coil with full firepower, also has its dangerous side, so while enjoying lightning, you should also pay attention to the safety of the environment.

✅Product specifications and instructions


⚡Power voltage: 110-240vac 50 / 60Hz
⚡Power: 0-120w
⚡Lightning length: 8-19cm (adjustable by knob)
⚡Host size: 186 * 106 * 58mm
⚡Package weight: 950g
⚡Package size: 21x15x13cm

✅Use safety matters


  1. When the product is running, do not directly touch the electrode with your hands, otherwise, it will burn the skin;
  2. Do not touch electrodes, radiators, circuit boards, and copper parts, and do not touch the secondary coil with any conductors, otherwise, the Tesla will be damaged;
  3. During the operation of the coil, it will cause serious interference with the surrounding electronic products. This is characteristic of the Tesla coil itself. Please do not let mobile phones or other electronic products close to the Tesla coil to avoid damage
  4. If the Tesla does not start successfully at first, please touch the discharge needle with an insulated screwdriver, but do not touch it for a long time, as it may burn the Tesla. 
  5. Do not use coils in flammable and explosive environments, since the arc is similar to a flame, it can ignite flammables (alcohol, gasoline, paper towels, clothes, etc.). Therefore, unattended use is prohibited. Please keep away from flammable items when using
  6. People with pacemakers are prohibited from using it! If you have a pacemaker, stay away from the device! When there are implantable/non-implantable electronic medical device carriers around, power-on experiments may cause these devices to malfunction and be life-threatening
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