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Quest 2 IR Illuminator Infrared

Quest 2 IR Illuminator Infrared

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The Oculus Quest 2 illuminator infrared light functions like a sensor for the gaming session.

When the light is turned on, the furniture and walls of the room will reflect infrared light from all angles, so that the infrared light fills the entire room, maintaining the sensitivity of the VR sensor in the dark. 

It`s easier to use, only plug into the VR and then work. Low power consumption, not hot when using it. 



    • The device weights only 6g, so it will no be a problem to be attached. 
    • It supports a 120° field of view.
    • The first gear of brightness can be used in a room of 15-20㎡, and the second gear of brightness can be used in a room of 30-40 ㎡.
    • Gear 1 brightness consumption (0.8w)2.2%/h
    • Gear 2 brightness consumption(1.5w) 4.5%/h
    • A type-c power supply port is reserved to plug in the battery head strap that can use an IR light and charge VR at the same time.
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