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Floating Magnetic Levitation Globe

Floating Magnetic Levitation Globe

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The Floating Magnetic Levitation Globe is made of high-quality material. Make the earth float, just blow it gently and it will spin. It is a cool decoration and provides a beautiful display unit for your retail stores, offices, and homes. It's very cool and beautiful when working in the dark, the best gift and decoration. 

Perfect Ornament for the office or living room


This Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe is a perfect ornament for the office or living room. Floating in the air, with a colored LED light that makes it visible and graceful in the dark. It is operated by an electronically controlled magnet system. The suction between the electromagnet and the magnet at the top of the globe can be balanced by the gravity of the globe. This is a great high-tech gadget that will delight people of all ages.

Shape Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation


Shape Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation is a globe for kids learning, to understand the earth and the geographical location of each country. All the countries on the planet are clearly and accurately displayed. It is a Floating Frame Built-in light strip and 9 LED lamp beads, When the C-shaped floating frame light is on, there are Multiple LED light colors that will display.

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