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Dubby™ Cat Tunnel

Dubby™ Cat Tunnel

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  • 🐾Combines a cat cave, tunnel and bed into one to save you money and space!
  • 🐾Built with durable, scratch-resistant felt
  • 🐾Super spacious interior to cats to "run donuts" in!

Give your cat endless fun and comfort with our Dual Function Cat Tunnel Bed

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Improve your kitty`s mental health

Cat Tunnel & Bed

Any cat can play and sleep in the Dubby™ Cat Tunnel, which is carefully made to offer a secure and unstructured experience similar to playing with holes and tunnels. They can use this as a fun peek-a-boo toy with you or their fellow feline friends.

Whether they're feeling scared, stressed, or just need some quiet time, the Dubby™ Cat Tunnel provides a safe haven for your cat to relax and feel at ease.

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No Sticky Hair & Comfortable

Unlike other cat beds, ours doesn't stick to your cat's hair. It is made of wool felt, which is sturdy enough to hold two or three cats at once while still being cozy for cats.

This tunnel bed is secure for your pet and is made of strong, non-toxic materials. Construction guarantees that your companion can use it without harm.

Suitable for small to medium-sized pets, such as dogs and cats, and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you want to provide your pet with a cozy resting place or a fun play area.

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Why do you need Dubby™ Cat Tunnel?

Easy To Clean & Washable

Our bed's premium zipper designs make it very simple to clean as well. You can always snap it off in a matter of seconds. It can be washed, which will make life easier for you.
Additionally, since cat hair can no longer adhere to the bed, cleaning is even quicker than with a typical cat bed.

Lasts forever

Cat tunnel bed is made of dense, soft and flexible layered felt, which has wear resistance, scratch resistance, warmth retention, durability and robustness to a certain extent, and can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Lots of activities

The Dubby is indestructible, and versatile and will not only satisfy your cat’s interest but will also help to maintain his true nature without making you any damage in your home. Cats can nap, run, play hide and seek, chase, hunt, and sleep in the tunnel.
Double layer round design, to meet the needs and wishes of cats drilling and playing.

Lightweight & Portable

The lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store, whether at home or on the go.

Perfect for scratching

Get rid of any scratching surfaces like your bed, the couch, or even the chairs. The Dubby Tunnel it`s also perfect for this!

Your time is precious

Your pet will have countless hours of fun! This tunnel will win the hearts of all cats. They enjoy hiding. Your cats need enough cerebral and physical stimulation in addition to sleep, and this is what they will receive.

If they're in the mood to play, their fellow feline friends can use it as a fun peek-a-boo toy.

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