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Bunny™ Carrot Interactive Toy

Bunny™ Carrot Interactive Toy

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  • 🥕Easy to clean
  • 🥕Consume Extra Energy
  • 🥕Enhance Dogs' Intelligence

A must-have for every pet owner to keep their dog entertained and active for hours!

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The Ideal Toy To Train Your Dog

We want to give our beloved dogs the best existence and all of their comforts.

Should they endure when you are unable to take them for walks outside or have to leave them alone on certain days? No...

You can occupy them for hours with this toy in their life. keeping them busy and stimulating their minds, while you can relax and do whatever your soul needs.

Choose Bunny™

Keep Your Dog Stimulated

Dogs naturally explore, hunt, and play hide and seek. Utilize your dog's inborn instinct for hunting. Stimulate these abilities of your dog and he will be able to truly reach his maximum potential.

They will remain healthy & stimulated because of this because it will keep them both mentally and physically busy!

Why should you buy this Bunny™ Carrot Interactive Toy for your dog?

Easy to clean

The soil part has a zipper at the bottom that you can just throw in the washing machine.

No more distructive behavior

This dog toy can not only be a toy that consumes energy and relieves boredom, but can be used as a snuffle mat, the dog food under the carrot, training the dog's sense of smell and food-seeking skills.

Enhance Dogs' Intelligence

Train and improve the intelligence and sense of smell of dogs. Meet dogs' curiosity and avoid them feeling bored to have destructive behavior.

Non-slip Bottom

This dog carrot toy is designed with a non-slip bottom to the back which makes it stable on the floor without sliding while playing.

Healthy Feeding Mat

Hide the snack or small toy in the sniff mat, then guide the dogs to find it out. It helps to promote active and healthy feeding, and helps aid with digestion and bloating.

Reduce Separation Anxiety

By keeping your dog occupied with our Bunny Carrot Toy, it serves as a distraction from feeling separation anxiety when you leave the house!

Keeping them occupied for hours is the perfect solution to reduce the chance of separation anxiety.

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