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CrocoLights™ Headlights for Shoes

CrocoLights™ Headlights for Shoes

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 2x CrocoLights for Shoes Perfect for Dog Walking and Night Walks


Ultra Bright and Long Lasting Crocolights

Easy to use and brighter than a phone flashlight. Our wearable shoe lights make sure you will not stumble in the dark. Illuminating 10 meters distances, lasting 72 hours


Light up the night with your feet

Suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts, very convenient for dog walking, hunting, handy camping, hiking, and cycling, without the inconvenience of taking a flashlight


Instructions for use:

✅Unscrew the head of the light and remove the insulating pad between the two batteries

✅Then place the battery according to the positive and negative directions of the battery when it is disassembled, with the side with the text facing outward

✅Tighten the light to avoid poor contact, and then press the head of the light, that is the switch of this light

✅If the battery runs out, just replace the battery of the CR2032



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