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Cleany™ Double Layer Pet Cat Litter Mat

Cleany™ Double Layer Pet Cat Litter Mat

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  • 🐾 Honeycomb design
  • 🐾Double-layer structure
  • 🐾Urine & Waterproof

Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mat with Waterproof & Skid Proof Double Layer


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No more hassle with cat litter throughout the house!

The double layer honeycomb design is the ideal cat litter trapping mat for your home.

The Interior layer is made with water-resistant plastic to absorb odors and urine while trapping messes, and its top surface is soft and perforated, making it pleasant for your cat to scratch and rub against while it still collects litter debris.

Get a clean house

Easy to clean & washable

Wash the mat with liquid soap, then with running water on the shower head, and dry it off. If necessary, soak the litter in disinfectant and then dry it.

Simply blow dry with a vacuum cleaner. Save time and energy!
Works great with any litter box, crate, and most cat litter.

Give yourself time

Why you need Cleany™ instead of a classic mat?

Double-Layer Structure

The honeycomb litter trapper mat's double-layer design helps you collect the garbage. All you have to do is pick up the litter box and all the litter falls through. And then throw them back into the litter box for reuse.

Efficient honeycomb design

With the soft honeycomb design and the textured surface, the waste grits are easily removed from the paws. They fall through to the second layer instead of being pushed onto the floor. Save your time for cleaning. The mat is safe and durable.

EVA Material

Made of lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly EVA foam rubber. Healthy and soft material, non-toxic, tasteless, will not harm your pet cat! Protect your cat's claws and your cat will like the feeling of stepping on it.

Waterproof & Urineproof

The bottom layer is waterproof and non-slip, preventing liquid from leaking through and easy to move. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains. Prevent cat's urine from going everywhere.

Easy to clean

Throw litter back into the litter box, then simply wash with water or blow dry with a vacuum cleaner. Save time and energy! Works great with any litter box, crate and most cat litter.

Premium Durability & Design

As the cat likes scratching the mat and stretching their claws on it, our cat litter is made of upgraded premium EVA material, which is durable but super soft.

100% non-toxic, No BPA and Phthalate.

Our premium comfort mat is gentle for sensitive cat paws. Cats even like to step on it or have an afternoon snooze on it.

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