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Calmy™ Cozy Pet Bed

Calmy™ Cozy Pet Bed

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  • 🐾Better Sleep
  • 🐾Incredible Comfort
  • 🐾Unrivalled Quality

The most calming and comfortable bed you can ever find for your buddy!

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Your Buddy Deserves The Best

The bed's primary characteristics are comfort and safety. The incredibly plush, fur-like material serves as the foundation for a fantastic bed that calms your cat's nervous system. They can relax more quickly as a result.

The welcoming hood raised rim, and extra-long faux fur form a barrier that resembles your cat curling up to its mother. This provides them with the maximum amount of warmth and safety.

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Portable & Easy to care

We recommend using a delicate washing setting and a low heat setting when drying to keep the bed soft and comfy for your furry babies.

We use a range of fabrics and materials for all of our beds, these include taffeta, bamboo, oxford, nylon, and microfibres. These beds are not fire resistant.

Be Calmy™

Benefits of the Calmy™ Cozy Pet Bed

Better Sleep

Your cat needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a happier kitty and a happier pet parent.


The Calmy™ Cozy Pet Bed is a haven for your furry babies. It's soft, comfortable, and inviting with extra padding to soothe weary joints & muscle pains.


You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality cat beds. At Metaspares, we decided to prioritize quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.

2 in 1 cat cave and bed

This fluffy cat bed is designed with a low middle and high surroundings to provide support for the head and body. The cave design is suitable for pets like to curl up, so as to provide your pet with the most comfortable sleeping environment.

Hypo-allergenic & dust resistant

The anti-slip and waterproof bottom of the cat bed is thickened and the stability of the non-slip particles is enhanced. You can put the bed in the livingroom, bedroom, sofa or even in the backseat of your car and take your pet friend with you anywhere.

  • Cozy hood

    Keep your cat's favorite bed clean and fresh with our machine washable bed.

  • Versatile for any situation

    Take your Calmy™ Cozy Bed everywhere you go to help in stressful situations.

  • Machine washable

    Doubles as a snuggly blankie and ensures a perfect nights sleep every night.

Anti-Slipped Bottom

This faux fur dog bed is made of soft, plush, and breathable material, with a nonslip bottom that keeps it from traveling around the room. The anti-slip bottom of the cat bed is thickened and the stability of the non-slip particles is enhanced.

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