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Aqua Kitty™ Water Fountain Dispenser 2.4L

Aqua Kitty™ Water Fountain Dispenser 2.4L

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  • 💦Always Fresh Water
  • 💦Easy to install & maintain
  • 💦Hygienic & dishwasher safe

Keeping your cat hydrated is essential for maintaining its health, and water fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

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Avoid The Need To Constantly Refill

Encourages Hydration

Aqua Kitty™ Water Fountain Dispenser with better-tasting water, pets will drink more and get healthier.
It has a large 2.4L capacity, takes up minimal space, and comes with 2 high-quality filters for clean drinking water.
Give your pet fresh, clean, and tasty water every day with our pet water fountain.

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Reduces Mess & Save time

Say goodbye to spilled water bowls and messy floors! The water fountain is designed to minimize spills and splashes, making it a cleaner and more convenient option for both you and your pet.

Also, due to its large 2.4L capacity, the Aqua Kitty™ allows you to fill up less frequently, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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Hygienic & dishwasher safe

Our high-quality filter has a triple-action mechanism. The carbon filter eliminates bacteria and keeps your pet's drinking water clean.

Easy to install & maintain

To maintain the water pump, disassemble it and remove the impeller cover and impeller. If the pump stops working, remove any debris that may be blocking it. The pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up and disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

Different flow designs

360° multi-directional streams aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more rather than still water. 3 different drinking modes.

Filters can be always changed

The circulating filtration system uses a replaceable round filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt, and food particles plus a pre-filter sponge to catch the hair and debris. No need to purchase filters immediately. Food grade material and BPA free cat fountain are safe for your pets.

Quieter Than Competitors

The pump is quiet (below 40 dB). A low-voltage pump is reliable and easy to maintain. It's very convenient to observe the water level through the window. Clean the pump with the brushes regularly to increase its lifespan.

  • Step 1

    Remove the pump cover and the Impeller cap by fingernail under the lip.

  • Step 2

    Remove the Impeller.

  • Step 3

    Clean the parts with the cleaning kit come with.

Helps digestion

The flowing water of the Aqua Kitty™ Water Fountain can also help aid in digestion for your pet, making it an important tool for pets with sensitive stomachs.

Knowing that your pet has access to clean, fresh water whenever they need it can give you peace of mind and help you feel more confident in your role as a pet parent.

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