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Note Glass Acrylic Board

Note Glass Acrylic Board

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         Leave beautiful messages and drawings around the house and light up your imagination! Bring your messages to life with this lighted tablet!

Creative Night Light Message Board

  • Comes with a luminous base that emits a non-harming warm glow through the main board. It features a translucent, double-sided design where you can clearly write your notes and let it be conveniently displayed anytime from both sides. Allowing you to create beautifully written gleaming reminders, messages, or announcements for a more relaxed and dreamlike atmosphere.

Stylishly organize your thoughts or memos with this decorative lighted drawing note board!


A perfect combination of night light and a handy translucent memo board that lets you scribble notes while it emits a warm illumination. Allowing you to create unique gleaming written memos that can be clearly read and displayed on both sides. Making any space more whimsical and dreamlike with an added soothing ambience as you keep track of important information.

    Packing list:

    package included

    1* Writing pad [20x20x0.3cm]+1*stand+7*color pen+1*instruction manual+1*cleaning cloths


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